Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to the Gun Show

I'm not usually into guns, and with the recent battle between the government and the NRA on gun control, I've taken a no-comment approach to any such conversation. But when someone sends me a message the night before a birthday asking for a gun cake, I couldn't resist such an opportunity.

I got to choose any gun I wanted so I went with a pistol because it seemed to be the easiest to build.  I built the cake using an 8" cake pan and a bread pan which I cut in half and stacked. The gun measured 11" long and 8" high. I painted the surface with black Americolor gel coloring mixed with vodka. When painting on fondant, I recommend using something with alcohol such as vodka or lemon extract because the gel will dry quicker. Water mixed with gel never fully dries. I would also recommend using vodka over any other kind of spirit because its scentless.

The cake is double chocolate with whipped dark chocolate frosting and chocolate fondant. 

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PerniPwr said...

and it tasted amaaaaazing!