Friday, February 15, 2013

Dr. Seuss First Birthday

I just love first birthdays. For most kids, its the first time they get to taste sweet like they've never tasted before. And the look on their little tiny faces when they see this bright cake with a flaming stick all for themselves is priceless.

A couple weeks ago I got to make a smash cake and cupcakes for a cousin's second son. Both parents thought it a neat investment to present their children with a large lithograph of Dr. Seuss's work on their first birthday. I thought it a splendid idea to theme the cake and cupcakes after the print. The print they chose is called "Lion Stroll."

"Lion Stroll" By. Dr. Seuss

I usually bake a 6-incher for the smash cake which is usually just enough to smash into and a little bit leftover for the parents to help themselves to. I went with Grandma Ruthie's italian cream cake recipe since she is little Lukie's great grandmother. 

The book was included to reference the print.

I made a tree out of gumpaste which had to be made two days before to ensure it was fully hardened. The frosting on the cake was piped with a couple different tips (the flat tip used for basket weaves and a leaf tip). The cake and cupcakes were tinted orange and the frosting on the cupcakes were tinted vermilion. 

And a couple pics of the birthday boy and his family. He loved it, then didn't know what to do with it, so started throwing the cake on the ground...boys.....

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