Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sculpture Garbage Truck Cake

I recently had the privilege of creating my first sculptured vehicle for a friend's son's 3rd birthday. Garbage trucks are a big hit among the boys these days. All new information to me since my little guy is more interested in blowing spit bubbles and checking out his appendages.

A garbage truck has all the design elements that could make cake building a challenge; large sectioned parts, wheels, and lots of detail. Since this was my very first, I thought it a good idea to take pictures and explain the construction.

Chocolate cake...yum

After the baking and cooling I wrapped the cakes and stored them in the fridge overnight. I recommend doing this if you are not going with a pound cake recipe. This will enable the cake to become moist enough to cut into easily later on. 

The first step after taking the cakes out the next day is to level the layers, fill with filling (I used chocolate frosting), and stack. I wanted nice round wheels so I laid the layered cake on a rice krispie platform. Once the cake was trimmed, I crumb-coated, then stuck the cake back into the fridge to let the frosting harden a little. I will remind you that when building a sculpture cake it is ideal to use a butter frosting recipe. A high-ratio shortening may be too soft and you could risk a design flaw.


I went with a homemade marshmallow fondant because I knew kids would be eating this cake and marshmallow fondant tastes the best. Here's an easy recipe. I made the wheels from an extra layer of cake I baked, and painted the fondant using Americolor gel coloring. Here's a picture of the final product. That large flower on top is the coolest candle I've ever seen. When lit, it blooms and sings the happy birthday song while spinning! 

 The opened bloom.

The birthday boy, who was so stoked to have a garbage truck for a cake. 

My little Hawea getting her paws on some cake too. (If you are wondering, yes, it was I who chopped those beautiful bangs- I better stick to cake...I know)

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Joeline Hackman said...

Thank you very much. I followed your instructions with a recipe for a dairy free chocolate cake and it all held together very well. It was my first turn at fondant and my son absolutely LOVED it. He is 2 years old. I didn't bother with the candle, I just cut out fondant letters for his name on top and added a few bins and an electrical arm. His face was absolutely priceless. Thanks so much for your very detailed instructions.