Monday, January 7, 2013

Weddings of 2012

I was very pleased with the opportunities I had this year for creating wedding cake and cupcakes. Being a fulltime momma and a parttime small business owner has allotted me only so much time to create a handful of wedding cakes and I look back on the year with a thankful heart and excitement in seeing what 2013 will bring.

The first wedding was in the spring for a friend of mine. This was an exciting weekend because I wasn't her planned baker. The baker she chose had a family tragedy and I was asked to make her desserts the week before the wedding. Luckily I had done Mandy's engagement cake earlier in the spring and was familiar with the look they were going for:

The couple chose a bird and branch themed cake but only wanted a small cut-in cake and four different flavors of cupcakes for their guests. The bride really wanted a large cake without there being a lot of actual cake. My remedy was to create a three tiered cake with the top tier being actual cake. The bottom tiers are styrofoam covered with fondant. The branches are made of chocolate and the bride and groom bird and groom topper was made by the bride's mother.


The next wedding cake took place at the end of spring and was for another friend of mine who loves the fine arts. This was a fun cake to make because she gave me artistic freewill. Here's what I came up with, an ode to the great Henri Matisse:

The cake is hand painted with Americolor gel food coloring and the flowers are made of sugar.

The third wedding cake of the year took place in San Clemente which was my first traveling cake. Let me just take a moment to say that there is nothing more frightening in this business than traveling with a wedding cake. Of course Murphy's Law would state that disaster may strike on such an important day as this. The cake was a very tall four tier buttercream. I decided to stack the cake at the venue which was an outdoor event during the beginning of the summer. Upon arriving there was no wedding planner (which if I could just give any bride reading this some unsolicited advice, GET A WEDDING PLANNER), which usually means no one knows where the cake is going or who to talk to about such details. Once that was figured out, I was surprised with the cake being situated in direct sunlight for the next 4-5 hours. Luckily, by some miraculous intervention, even though I was told that the cake would be under a covered patio, I decided at the last minute that I would go with a whipped high ratio shortening frosting instead of traditional buttercream. Could you just imagine what a buttercream frosted cake would look like after sitting in the blazing hot sun for 4 hours?!? 
"Frosty the snowman knew

The sun was hot that day,
So he said, "Let's run and
We'll have some fun
Now before I melt away."

Thank the good Lord the cake survived and still tasted great! The bottom tier is made of styrofoam and all four layers are frosted and piped with the whipped buttercream. the buntings are made with twine and scrapbooking paper. 

The last wedding I got to be a part of happened in mid July when I was already very pregnant. I wasn't planning on doing anymore weddings at that point but the bride was the daughter of a friend from church and I just couldn't resist a country/Kenyan (yes, I said Kenyan like from Africa) wedding. My lovely cupcakes were displayed next to the barbecued goat :-) It was awesome. I leave you with a little peak of just how pregnant I really was and the barbecued goat:


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