Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweets and Brides

Last weekend I had the privilege of making yummy desserts for good friends who happen to have a double bridal shower. 

The evening event was catered with extra yummy Paella from Paella Valencia and so I thought it fitting to have a little Spanish influence in my desserts. (Check out that gigantic pan of yummy Paella)

 I went with a traditional flan flavored with coconut and rum and the nontraditional lemon pound petit fours with apricot preserve and almond frosting. Flan as it turns out is not very much different from creme brulee. In fact I thought it much easier than creme brulee because there aren't as many steps, you simply mix everything together, pour into a pie dish and bake in a hot water bath. 

Petit fours are a perfect little dessert for parties or events with people standing and mingling versus sitting down and dining. They are bite-size and very minimal in crumb. To make a petit four you start with baking a pound cake. Next cut the pound cake using a cookie cutter, add your optional filling, then pour on the hot liquid frosting. I added a little gumpaste bloom to give it that extra pizzazz. So fun!

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