Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marie Antoinette cake

I love love love everything 18th century, including France's infamous queen Marie Antoinette. A symbol of extravagance, riches, and finery she suffered a doomed fate at the hand of her own adopted people. My cake was inspired by France's infamous queen, 18th century wallpaper, French appliqué, and lustrous floral still life. The cake is a three tier dummy stacked with diagonal spacers which gives it that topsy-turvy look. Each layer is covered in fondant; the bottom in strips of vertical fondant, the middle layer painted with gel coloring, and the top layer piped with royal icing. The gumpaste flowers were a feat, taking a week and a half to shape, dry, and paint. The blooms were inspired by Dutch floral still-life such as this one by artist Van Huysum:

This was by far the most tedious cake I have done so far and very well worth all the effort. I look forward to creating more cakes like this one in the future. The cake was my final project for cake design 2 and turned out to be a success.

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