Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oooo Baby Banana Cupcakes

Mmmm nothing is tastier than peanut butter smeared on a banana for a tasty snack. A little potassium, a little protein to get you through the rest of the morning or afternoon till you reach your next meal. As a toddler my husband fondly called eating peanut butter right off the spoon as "peanut butter lick." Sounds yummy doesn't it? Well the nostalgia of peanut butter and bananas were my inspiration for my recent confectionery creation. I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend whose having another baby boy. Of course, you may guess what one of my primary tasks were for such a joyous occasion.

Banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. It tastes like a cross between banana bread and banana pancakes. This frosting, which is loaded with all the good stuff: butter, cream cheese, and of course peanut butter makes for a light and airy texture. A delightful combination. Of course the creativity doesn't stop there. I found a great tutorial online with step by step directions for making individual cupcake boxes which you can find here. I left the little window off my boxes and decided to make little tags instead. As you may guess, the shower favor is a take-home individually-wrapped cupcake. So much fun!

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'Anake Anuhea said...

Kahea ~ Am so happy that you have found a personally fulfilling way to combine your love of art and food. How you manage to do such beautiful work with a husband, a baby and a job on your heels and still keep your broad smile and loving heart is a head-scratcher. So, so happy for you! Lovingly, Aunty Anuhea