Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Home Baby Noelle

Recently I was able to meet for the first time little Noelle who came all the way from China to live with her adopted parents. After a grueling three years of paperwork, adoption protocol, and waiting, two very dear friends of mine were the proud recipients of a new baby girl from China. This has been an amazing experience just as a spectator to view first hand the inner workings of adopting from another country. There is much to consider when adopting overseas, there is the area and demographics one must ponder, as well as background and heritage from where the child comes from. China as most people know, have an influx of baby girls because of China's one child policy in a vastly patriarchal society. And although it may seem that it would be easy to adopt a little girl, the reality is that it is far from easy. But in the end, just as any parent awaits with anxious anticipation for the "birth" of their new arrival, these loving parents could not be happier with the end result.

I have the privilege of attending baby Noelle's welcome shower this Friday evening. What not better way to say welcome with love than with a delectable cake. My latest cake is a white cake with butter cream fondant. I have recently been learning the art of brush embroidery and embossing and tried a few new techniques on this cake.

Once again nothing spells celebration like a piece of cake and a very great reason for celebrating!

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Anne said...

That is darling! I saw your post on Facebook and found your blog... so fun! Keep the cake art coming :)