Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Frida!

Tonight I jumped the international border to create my most recent cake. Today we celebrate the birthday of one of Mexico's most famous modern painter's Frida Kahlo. Born in 1907, Kahlo was best known for her painful yet passionate self-portraits with intense vibrant colors. She had an immensely tortured life having survived a trolley accident that left her paralyzed for awhile as well as alcohol abuse and a tragic marriage to Diego Rivera.

Tonight was also a big night because I learned the artistry of fondant. There really isn't much to it. I purchased some amazing stuff called fondarific which tastes so much better than normal fondant. Basically you roll it out like dough and then lay the fondant on over the cake and smooth it out. I cut a little extra off the bottom and tucked the fondant under the cake. Normally you use this technique if you're not creating a border, however because I was graded I added a double border on the bottom. Yes, tonight was my last night in Cake Decorating I and I would venture to say that the class was a success. Happy Birthday Frida!

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Paige said...

ooooooooooook this is my FAVORITE cake yet! Your SO good!!!!