Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer inspired cupcakes

The art of the cupcake is much like cake except trickier. I believe there is a finite line between a well executed design and an overdone disaster. Tonight I dabbled in a little cupcake experimentation on 24 delicious confetti cupcakes which will be delivered to a women's shelter tomorrow evening. I decided to go with a summer theme since these last few foggy/cloudy days have been beating down my summer spirit. The frosting is vanilla cream and the bugs are in fondant. Normally one would use gumpaste or a fondant/gumpaste mixture for these type of sculptures, however I wanted to see first hand why one couldn't simply use just fondant. The number one reason, I figured out, is stiffness. Fondant when rolled and shaped in the palm of your hand gets softer and softer as its worked. Soft and gooey sure doesn't cut the cake (uh hem, pun intended) when sculpting. After much deliberation I was able to mold these very cute creatures into recognizable shapes but it wasn't exactly what I would call easy.

Nevertheless, I hope these tasty treats will bring sunshine and a reminder of the hope of a sunny day to the people who get to enjoy them.

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The Whites said...

So cute and great job. They look adorable and very yummy. I know you will be blessing the womens shelter.