Friday, June 11, 2010

The Reason for Cakes

Today was one of those days that remind me of the joys of creating something as special as cake. Unlike sculpture, painting, or other art media, cake is admired in an atmosphere of celebration.

Today was my friend Kathleen's 30 + 40th (or for those arithmetic-challenged chaps: 70th) surprise birthday. I was one among 50 women whom were there to celebrate the 70 amazing and fulfilling years of a very inspiring woman. The cake was a lemon layer cake with lemon filling and icing. I couldn't help but imagine how many different types of cakes one can have in the span of 70 years. Somehow by circumstance or perfect timing my small 6" cake got to be lucky number 70. Although the cake was a small delight, it did its job in launching 50 women into a chorus of "Happy Birthday."

Sweets for a tummy brings instant gratification, but the sweetness that comes from a great friend is enough joy to last a lifetime.

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tara said...

can't wait to see how many more sweets made by you are used to usher in such sweet celebrations!