Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nympheas (water lilies)

Monet's water lily series is one of the most well-known works of art of the modern art period. Over a span of 50 or so years, Monet was able to paint 250 oil paintings of his garden in Giverny. Rich, thick brush strokes mimicking the lucid flow of the pond is both beautiful and captivating.

My latest creation was an ode to this great master. The cake is gluten-free lemon layer with lemon filling and frosting. While icing my cake in the impressionist style, I noticed a lot of similarities, especially in the way each stroke or decoration was controlled and thought out before reaching the surface of the cake. The average eye may see Monet's paintings as spontaneous however a true Monet follower would know that each stroke of his brush was first contemplated before application.

The question, "what inspires," came to mind as I decorated and watched my fellow classmates. Some were inspired by flowers, some by geometric shapes, and one girl even mixed her color palette to match her husband's car- gun metal grey, hotrod yellow and blue. What ever it is that inspires us, in the end, each moment is met with joy in every delicious bite.


kristen said...

This one is definitely my favorite!!!! Great Job!!!

Paige said...

oh that is so beautiful! My favorite too!!!!