Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Superman Sculpture Cake for a Super Man

Recently I had the privilege of creating my very first superman cake. Oddly enough one probably pictures two things when I say "I made a superman cake"- a 7 year old birthday boy and a cake shaped like superman's logo. The cake turned out to be for a man celebrating his 65th birthday and the cake was a little more than a logo. The man, whom his family lovingly refers to as "superman" has recently lived through both a liver and heart transplant. The cake happened to be a surprise gift to him from his wife in celebrating not only his birthday but the unique feat of conquering one of life's most difficult challenges.

The cake is actually very misleading. The dinner party was only for 15, so there wasn't much cake to be made. The whole top portion of the "cake" is a mix of styrofoam, rice krispy, modeling chocolate, fondant, and gumpaste. The base of the cake is tres leches cake with an almond buttercream frosting. The design of the cake is inspired by that iconic transformation when Clark Kent tears open his shirt coat to reveal his true identity, Superman. The symbolism of the super hero within seemed so appropriate for the recipient. This was certainly an exciting adventure and I hope to conquer such a challenge sometime soon.

The wife was kind enough to snap a pic and send it to me of the birthday boy and his cake.


patricia said...

Wow! That's spectacular! How did you get the tie to flip up? Is it cake or icing/ganache only?
Love it!

Kahea Milroy said...

Thanks Patty! The tie is made of black fondant and attached to the shirt using gumpaste glue:)