Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday For A Cause

This weekend I had the privilege of creating a cake for dual purpose; a friend's birthday and a great cause. Every year for the past five years my buddy Jeff hosts a poker tournament for charity. One lucky winner will donate the proceeds of a $20 buy-in per person to their favorite charity.

My yummy creation was a two-tier German chocolate cake covered in coconut cream frosting and marshmallow fondant. This was my first stab at marshmallow fondant and I was moderately pleased with the result. Home-made fondant is very malleable, but almost a little too much. I found it a little flimsy and wobbly to work with. What I do appreciate most however is its taste. Often times I find frosting can overwhelm the filling in a cake and I found the marshmallow fondant to compliment my coconut and pecan filling in the most subtle of ways. The shapes on the top layer and Aces are made from royal icing.

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