Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rose explosion and my official first cake decorating disaster

Mistakes are always a humbling experience. I could name the numerous mistakes I made with this cake, however I'd rather take a moment reflecting on what I have learned.

Baking is something that takes time and should not be rushed. Planning the baking and icing ahead will go a long way and will most likely produce a smoother, more precise cake. Dark cake frosted with white or light-colored icing is the most challenging because if your not careful with the crumb layer you may have unsightly spots in your finished product. Some may say that you can bake a 13" x 9" cake and half it to make a layered cake, however I think it will cause more headache than not.

Decorating needs to be precise. Focus is of the utmost importance as well as how you position your hand. Counting is crucial when creating dots. Roses are tricky, but if you use a Hershey kiss in the middle you add more stability (and a nice surprise).

Well I can't say its my favorite cake so far, but you live and learn.

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